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You Can Stay in a Castle With Lego Wizards at California Legoland

By David K. Gibson


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Courtesy of Legoland

The theme park’s colorful addition opens on April 27.

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Rare is the parent of a small child whose living room is not a rotating showroom of Lego creations. Rocket ships, fire stations, race cars, and robots come and go, but castles are a constant—giant, multicolored castles, often with parking spots for rocket ships and race cars. 

The Lego company, the Danish plastic brick/movie/theme park conglomerate, is not afraid to take a toy to its logical conclusion, and so it has built a Lego castle of its own—and it’s a three-story hotel that is now accepting reservations.

On April 27, the Legoland Castle Hotel opened its doors (no drawbridge, alas) to guests of the Legoland park in Carlsbad, California. Each of its 250 rooms and suites are themed as Knight, Princess, or Wizard rooms, with dragons, potions, and woodland animals—each crafted of the bricks—positioned throughout the aggressively child-friendly decor. Every room is built with a separate bunk-bedded sleeping area for the kids, in which there is a television and a brick-filled Lego play area. More importantly, a separate sleeping area for adults has a king-size bed and a second television and no Lego play area, although the technology has yet to be invented that will keep parents from stepping on a stray brick or two. Bring hard-soled slippers.
Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a Lego wizard, giant Lego sculptures, and interactive Lego play areas, and transportation to and from the rooms is via magical Lego elevators and Lego slides. The pool area—the most important feature of a kid-friendly hotel—is full of Lego-themed interactive surprises, to the delightful excess making Lego hotels family favorites worldwide. Guests will also enjoy a free breakfast on-site, and one-hour-early admission to the adjacent park.
This isn’t the first castle that Lego has built; there are similar constructions next to parks in England and Germany, but in those places castles are only slightly more remarkable than petrol stations. We assume the American version will have a place to park a rocket ship. 

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