Colin Roohan’s Photo Tips and Abstract Art Giveaway

Colin Roohan’s Photo Tips and Abstract Art Giveaway

Colin Roohan, who recently won the Catch contest, has a challenge for the AFAR community: Can you figure out what is depicted in his Highlight “The Abstract Print Giveaway,” or where it is? Be the first to either get the very specific name of the item or location and he’ll send you a print of the image. Just comment on his Highlight with your answers.

Colin has always been artistic but found his voice through photography just three years ago. He is the owner and operator of Colin Roohan Photography, focused on travel related photography. So what makes Colin one of our favorite AFAR contributors and photographer extraordinaire? We asked him a few questions to find out his secrets:

What advice would you give to photographers to improve their shots?
Find a group of knowledgeable photographers that will give you strong opinions and honest, meaningful feedback. Everyone likes a pat on the back but those typically don’t help you improve as an artist.

What are the biggest challenges you have when you are shooting on the go?
Shooting in public spaces, with fleeting moments, can be nervewracking but I enjoy the thrill and excitement of street/urban photography.

What are your favorite abstract subjects to photograph?
I enjoy “finding” abstract frames in common places of interest or beauty. Finding something that goes overlooked and trying to turn it into something compelling is always rewarding.

Where have you found the most unlikely art on your travels?
Seoul, South Korea. They have a very dynamic art scene through all mediums and public art is a huge part of this metropolis. They pay attention to detail and take pride in finding new and explorative ways in displaying art. Whether it’s a flying man made of chicken wire, an enormous sparkly mosaic shaped like a turd (yeah they have one and it is pretty ridiculous), or a building façade covered in doors from ground floor up—in Seoul you can see it all.

Why do you use
I really enjoy the highlights and the travel insights from other AFAR community members (Afarians? Afarites?) on It is a good source to have when preparing for a trip. The personal connections are priceless and they allow like-minded travelers to share vital information.

Be the first to figure out what, specifically, is depicted in his Highlight “The Abstract Print Giveaway,” or where it is, and Colin will send you a print of the image.

I’m an adventurer and homebody. When I’m tempted to nap instead of experience an event I ask myself, “Would you rather do something you’ll never remember or never forget?”