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Nonstop Flights to Europe Are Under $350 Right Now—And Not on Budget Airlines

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Paris in winter can be magical—and nonstop flights can be found for as low as $283 right now.

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Paris in winter can be magical—and nonstop flights can be found for as low as $283 right now.

Off-season travel to Europe isn’t just underrated. It’s also way cheaper.

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One of the best ways to book a cheap flight to Europe—and avoid summertime crowds—is to plan a trip for the off-season. Typically, you can find affordable fares on budget airlines like Norwegian and Air Europa between September and March. But right now, you can get airfare deals to Europe from multiple cities in the United States for under $350 and on major airlines like Delta, American Airlines, and United.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of what we found on Google Flights on September 24 for travel over the next six months. But act fast—the best airfare deals generally only stick around for a day or so.

Nonstop fares to Paris from $283

American Airlines, Delta, United

Right now, throughout most of January and February, you can fly nonstop from New York’s JFK Airport to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport on American Airlines for just $283.  While those extra-cheap fares are Basic Economy and don’t include seat selection, they do include free carry-on bags and meals, unlike the policies of most European budget airlines.  

This airfare was found on Tuesday, September 24.
Not a OneWorld loyalist? Delta and United are also offering nonstop $295 Basic Economy fares from New York to Paris around similar dates this winter. These deals aren’t even just for people flying out from the East Coast. We were able to find a San Francisco–to-Paris nonstop flight on United for just $337. Yes, you read that right. Nonstop from the West Coast to Europe for $337. Sure, it’s a Basic Economy fare that doesn’t offer early seat selection, but considering that it’s $332 cheaper than usual according to Google Flights, we’ll take it.

We found a nonstop flight from San Francisco to Paris for less than $400.
Nonstop fares to Barcelona at $289

American Airlines and Delta

For a few dollars more, you can explore Barcelona when it’s blissfully free of summer crowds. Google Flights currently shows that nonstop Basic Economy fares between New York and Barcelona on American Airlines and Delta can be secured for around $289 between January and February 2020.

At press time, there were also $318 nonstop Basic Economy fares on Spain’s Iberia airlines out of Boston to Barcelona.

Fares to Barcelona from the East Coast are also under $350 right now.

Nonstop fares to Amsterdam from $339


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By visiting in late fall and winter, you’ll miss the Dutch city’s famous tulip bloom in the spring, but you’ll also have less competition for its world-class museums and you won’t have to jostle for space along its canals. From November 2019 to March 2020, United has Basic Economy fares for nonstop flights between its Newark hub and Amsterdam for just $339, about $187 cheaper than usual, according to Google Flights. 

Save big on nonstop flights to Amsterdam by traveling during the city's off-season.

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