9 TikTokers We Follow for the Best Travel Hacks and Advice

TikTok is full of vloggers offering their take on travel tips. These are nine standouts that we follow ourselves.

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TikTok has thousands of travel accounts offering tips on all kinds of trips, from national park adventures to luxury hotel stays.

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As AFAR’s social media editor, it’s my job to be terminally online. Much of my time is spent scouring the internet for trends and creating content that both entertains our travel-loving audience and helps them navigate the ups and downs of planning trips.

It’s also spent watching a lot of TikTok videos.

With thousands of travel accounts out there—luxury and budget, hotel-obsessed and outdoorsy, solo, couple, friends, and family—it can be easy to get lost in the endless stream of content. But our favorite creators will break through the noise and dish out intel that’ll make you glad to see them every time they make an appearance on your For You page.

Here are nine TikTok accounts to follow for the best travel tips and hacks on air travel, packing, points and miles, and more.

Erika Kullberg, @erikakullberg

  • Follow for: flight hacks that could save you hundreds
  • Handle: @erikakullberg

The only person fighting harder than Pete Buttigeg to hold airlines to account is Erika Kullberg. (Buttigeg himself would agree.) The lawyer-turned-TikToker who “reads the fine print so you don’t have to” has amassed a following of 9.3 million followers for her clear and concise videos that lay out how to get compensation for travel delays, flight cancellations, and lost or damaged baggage—as well as other money-saving tips on getting the most out of your travel credit card. Say hello to free first-class flights, extended flight vouchers, and advice that’ll save you from hidden fees while abroad.

Rilee J. Smith, @rileejsmith

@rileejsmith Replying to @oliver_twist_n_shout How I pack my packing cubes using my length x width folding method! 🧊🩵 #packingcubes #carryononly #packingcubesarelife (lol this hashtag does not exaggerate) The cubes I show in this video are from #MonosTravel (I have a discount in my liinks) but I also love the Bagsmart compression cubes (in my Amazon storefront!) 🫶🏼 #compressionpackingcubes #packingcube #packingtips #packinghacks #packingvideo #travellife #traveltiktok #monostravelcompanion ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic - LoES

Rilee J. Smith wants to make you a better packer. On her account, Smith demonstrates packing hacks that’ll keep you organized before, during, and after your trip, with tips on using Apple Notes to plan your vacation looks, squeezing out every last bit of space in your packing cubes, and the correct way to pack for your return trip so laundry day is a breeze.

She also provides packing lists for all manner of trips and situations, from long weekends in a city to two weeks aboard a Caribbean cruise. All this, plus her gear reviews (think multi-part deep dives on the best suitcases of the year) will make you a tidier traveler within minutes.

The Mom Trotter, @themomtrotter

@themomtrotter Full 5th wheel RV Tour - hope you enjoyed it. Happy to answer any questions you have about our RV or travels or anything else below 😃! #rvlifewithkids #5thwheelliving #5thwheelrvtour #rvtour #rvtours #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravelfamily ♬ Lazy chill out, romance overseas celebrity, 10 minutes(1019319) - 8.864

Kay Akpan is not your average mommy blogger nor your average travel blogger. In 2020, she and her family ditched their home to crisscross the USA in an RV (with frequent hops to international destinations), documenting their experiences along the way. Come for her humorous accounts of family, fun, and life on the road; stay for her honest and informative stories about going abroad for healthcare, balancing luxury and budget trips, being Black while traveling, and raising her son to love adventure. Rarely does she spare the details.

The National Park Travelers, @thenationalparktravelers

@thenationalparktravelers ✨ Is this is the best drive in Oregon!? 📍Highway 30, Columbia River Gorge Highway This historic road, located near Portland Oregon, will take you to the beginning of 7 unreal waterfall hikes in the area. With plenty more just a short drive in any direction. This is one of our favorite areas we’ve ever visited and needs to be on your bucket list! Horsetail Falls Multnohmah Falls Wahkeena Falls Bridal Veil Falls Sheppards Dell Latourell Falls Wahclella Falls Panther Creek Falls (nearby) ✈️ Send this to someone who needs to plan a trip here asap! Follow along for all your travel tips & itineraries #oregonexplored #columbiarivergorge #oregon #oregonwaterfalls #waterfalls ♬ like you - Meyta

For all their beauty, the U.S. national parks can sometimes be a challenge to navigate, thwarting even the most meticulous traveler with ever-changing entry requirements and an abundance of options when it comes to lodging, hiking, and activities. Morgan and Connor, the duo behind the National Park Travelers, cover the more practical side of enjoying America’s Best Idea, from reservation system changes and hiking tips to detailed itineraries that span regions, roads, and individual parks. Given the national parks’ sharp spike in popularity over the past several years, the account also highlights lesser-known hikes, small towns, and natural sites in surrounding areas perfect for the crowd-averse.

Max Miles Points, @maxmilespoints

@maxmilespoints Tools i used the most in 2023 to maximize my points Flight Connections (Free/Paid) See flight routes around the world Seats.Aero (Free/Paid) Intermediate-level award search tool Point.Me (Paid) Search 33 different airline programs simultaneously, saving me time and the most accurate real-time award availability. #traveltip #traveltips #creditcardpoints #capitalonemiles #membershiprewards #amex #chasepoints ♬ Chillest in the Room - L.Dre

Many “points and miles” types on social media will drown you with information, humblebrags, and the sheer number of credit cards they have. (The average person may not want to deal with 20 accounts, no matter how many bonus miles are out there.) Not Max Miles Points, whose refreshingly no-frills videos share the best ways to use travel credit cards for free or discounted flights, hotel stays, and more. In videos that are ideal for savvy loyalty-program members hoping to maximize their rewards, he catalogs the latest flight and hotel opportunities, air travel news, useful points tools, and lounge openings.

Travel with Pat, @travelwithpat

  • Follow for: miles and points intel for those just starting out
  • Handle: @travelwithpat

For those new to the points and miles game (or those in need of a refresher course), head over to Travel with Pat. He compares annual fees, bonuses, transfer partners, and more on some of the world’s most popular travel credit cards; he also parses out which accounts suit different type of travel needs. Follow his advice and perhaps soon, you, too, will find yourself boasting about taking $25,000 worth of flights using primarily points and miles.

LAX to Luxury, @laxtoluxury

  • Follow for: what the name implies—luxury travel inspiration and advice
  • Handle: @laxtoluxury

Whether you’re already a frequent first-class flier or you’re looking to upgrade your in-flight experience, let Michelle Gonzalez take you to the next level. Created to help the discerning traveler find the most comfortable seats in the sky, her vlogs in first and business class show off every little thing you can expect during your own travels, from food and drink offerings to onboard amenities.

In addition to in-depth reviews of long-haul flights, she also posts explainers on how to choose between flight classes and various airlines. Peppered between her flight-centric videos are tours of five-star hotels and upscale restaurants across the globe so that wherever you’re headed, she’ll make sure you get your money’s worth.

Daniboy, @danidboyy1

  • Follow for: the inside scoop from a flight attendant
  • Handle: @danidboyy1
@danidboyy1 Fact about the Emirates uniform you probably didn’t know. Part 2 ✈️#cabincrew #emirates #flightattendant #travel #stewardess ♬ original sound - Daniboy

Flight attendant vlogs are famously beloved on TikTok, and few accounts are more popular—or more glamorous—than that of Danielle, a flight attendant from the United Kingdom who now calls Dubai home. During her daily adventures working for Emirates, she shares everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being a member of the cabin crew, including flight attendant perks, emergency training, and most-asked questions. (This author’s personal favorite video revealed how Danielle keeps Emirates’ signature scarf makeup-free. The unexpected answer? Hairspray.)

AFAR Mag, @afarmag

  • Follow for: all of the above
  • Handle: @afarmag
@afarmedia The Alchemist in Copenhagen was just named the 5th best restaurant in the world—here’s what it’s like to try their 4-6 hour-long dinner. 🎥 by AFAR Senior Manager @Jessie Beck | #travel #luxurytravel #copenhagen #restaurants ♬ Ghibli-style nostalgic waltz - MaSssuguMusic

Naturally. Our editors are based all around the world, and they’re constantly traveling to different places. That means we spend a lot of time double-checking the time zones on meetings but also that we’ve got plenty of tips, hacks, and travel inspiration to dole out. Want to know what it’s like to try one of the world’s best (and weirdest) restaurants, get hyped for a luxury ski trip in the Dolomites, or find out how to take a luxury daycation for as little as $25? You know where to find us.

Tiana Attride is Afar’s social media editor. Previously, she’s worked on content and audience development at Vogue, Thrillist, Away, and Insider.
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