15 Etsy Gifts Travelers Will Love

Etsy is a treasure trove of handmade goods perfect for the adventurous people on your list.

15 Etsy Gifts Travelers Will Love

Handmade gifts for the holidays, anyone?

Design by Emily Blevins

The online marketplace Etsy is a one-stop shop for handmade gifts that—bonus—also support small businesses. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, a family member, or even yourself, these one-of-a-kind, travel-themed items are the next best thing to a trip around the world.


This travel pillow even comes with its own bag.

Photo courtesy of 40 Winks; design by Emily Blevins

40 Winks Travel Pillow

Part scarf, part pillow, the 40 Winks travel pillow can be wrapped around the body or tied to an armrest to create resistance that provides head and neck support as you sleep.

Buy it: $38, 40 Winks Travel


A silver map bracelent matches any outfit.

Photo courtesy of Jewellery By ZM; design by Emily Blevins

Silver World Map Bracelet

With an adjustable chain and dainty globe charm, this sterling silver bracelet will look good on any wrist—and more importantly, stay on even when exploring.

Buy it: $31, Jewellery By ZM


Pack your travel goodies in a multi-colored leather bag.

Photo courtesy of Miro S Accessory; design by Emily Blevins

Leather Backpack

With both exterior and interior pockets, this compact, 100-percent leather backpack makes it easy to keep headphones, snacks, and devices organized. Travelers can opt for a matte or glossy finish.

Buy it: $109, Miro S Accessory


Add some travel love to your party’s photo booth.

Photo courtesy of Life is for the Fun; design by Emily Blevins

Travel Party Props

Step up your next party with travel-inspired props. The set comes with 12 different pieces, including an airplane, hot-air balloon, camera, globe, suitcase, and compass.

Buy it: $35, Life is for the Fun


Decorate the walls with a favorite city design.

Photo courtesy of Fox and Velvet; design by Emily Blevins

Cityscape Poster

For the urbanite in your life: a playful illustrated poster of their favorite city. Choose from Amsterdam, London, NYC, Budapest, and several other cities around the world.

Buy it: $14, Fox and Velvet


These rose-gold compass necklaces arrive in a gift box.

Photo courtesy of Rudiana; design by Emily Blevins

Compass Necklace

Make sure the explorer in your life always finds the way home with this rose-gold compass necklace centered around an opal.

Buy it: $20, Rudiana


Passports stay pristine in funky cases from Duru Naru.

Photo courtesy of Duru Naru; design by Emily Blevins

Passport Cover

Brighten international travel with a colorful illustrated passport case. Choose from five different Harold and the Purple Crayon–like designs.

Buy it: $9, Duru Naru


Alpenglow Apparel makes cozy T-shirts for all types of adventurers.

Photo courtesy of Alpenglow Apparel; design by Emily Blevins

Adventure T-Shirt

The ultimate travel top is often a simple, soft cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt. AlpenglowApparel, an L.A.-based shop, offers made-to-order, unisex options for adventurous (and stylish) explorers.

Buy it: $26, Alpenglow Apparel


Show off aviation adoration with snazzy airplane cufflinks.

Photo courtesy of vvco; design by Emily Blevins

Paper Airplane Cuff Links

Wanderlusters can wear their heart on their sleeves with these paper airplane cuff links. They’re also customizable, and can be engraved with a significant date, message, or number.

Buy it: $15, vvco


Wear favorite city skylines, like Paris, London, or Rome.

Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Minimalist; design by Emily Blevins

Skyline Ring

The world’s most dramatic skylines make for equally dramatic rings. Choose from Seattle, Dubai, and Sydney or customize a ring to immortalize a city of your choice.

Buy it: $42, Caitlyn Minimalist


Choose prints of famous world landmarks like Mount Fuji and Machu Picchu (pictured).

Photo courtesy of Coffee Black Thanks; design by Emily Blevins

Machu Picchu Contour Line Print

What better way to memorialize a trip to Machu Picchu than with a topographic line print of the UNESCO World Heritage Site? The designer also offers topographical representations of other landmarks around the world, including Mount Fuji and Iceland’s Snaefellsjokull glacier.

Buy it: $45, Coffee Black Thanks


Put a personal touch on luggage.

Photo courtesy of ThreeTwo1; design by Emily Blevins

Personalized Luggage Tag

With a personalized tag, you never again have to worry about someone else picking up your luggage at baggage claim. Though the design is simple (and the price affordable), the 30 color options and monogram ensure each tag is truly unique.

Buy it: $10, ThreeTwo1


Personalize a wooden wall map with colors, sizes, or places traveled.

Photo courtesy of Enjoy the Wood; design by Emily Blevins

Wooden Wall Map of the World

The world is your oyster when it comes to this wooden wall map. Available in four different sizes and six different colors, it’s completely customizable: You decide whether or not you want borders, countries, or capitals. To mark places traveled, order the map with pre-made holes and a set of either 30 or 60 paper airplane–shaped pushpins.

Buy it: $71, EnjoyTheWood


Sleep masks allow you to get some nice shut eye.

Photo courtesy of AdHoc Sleepwear; design by Emily Blevins

Travel Eye Mask

Block out light (and seat neighbors) on a long-haul or red-eye flight with a beautiful handmade eye mask.

Buy it: $27, AdHoc Sleepwear


Record the memories from every trip in a simple notebook.

Photo courtesty of Wayfare; design by Emily Blevins

Travel Journal

This lightweight journal makes it easy to record travels—each lined page includes a place to enter the location and date—and fun to revisit once back home.

Buy it: $14, Wayfaren

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