Field Trip! 9 Awesome Outdoor Adventures
Few school lessons hold greater allure than field trips. As kids there's an unrivaled excitement that comes with stepping out of the classroom and into the ecosystems of zoos, museums and carnivals—where "studying" is so fun it feels almost illicit. Teachers call it learning by doing, and since we believe travel is the best form of education, we've put together a list of adventures bound to rekindle that old feeling of eating a Snow Cone on a school day. All aboard!

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Do the Mediterranean by Foot

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Most people explore the Mediterranean by boat via it's beautiful blue waters, however it is also possible to explore this area by foot via the Lycian Way. This 500km hiking trail in southwestern Turkey connects Fethiye in the west with southwest of Antalya in the east along the Lycian coast.

This trail is serious - running up and down along the rocky coast, but it rewards your hard work with brilliant views and hidden beach stops where you can take a dip. You can walk a part of the trail for a day or two - or walk the complete 500km staying in villages along the way.

Be sure to check out Kate Clow's book on the trail (The Lycian Way by Kate Clow) with all of the details you'll need to plan your long distance hike.

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by Sherry Ott
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