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Yitian Holiday Plaza

Shop, Eat, and Ice Skate
This shopping center is at the heart of the Windows of the World/OCT area in Shenzhen. It sits at the intersection of the Shekou and Luobao Metro Lines, and it is also home to the lovely 5-star Westin Hotel.

While this center has some great shops like H&M, Zara, Muji, and Shenzhen's first Apple Store, it also has some hidden gems.

The basement has an ice skating rink that's a cool escape from the Shenzhen heat. It also has little shops that sell candy, fruity desserts, tea, and more. The restaurants here are great, too. Try King Dumplings on B2, a Taiwanese restaurant.

You can get here from the Metro without going outside. Just take Exit A.

Sweets for the Sweet
Would it surprise you that shopping for candy in China is just as awesome as in other countries? This little basement shop has every free space devoted to bins and bins of candy.

Candy in China isn't as focused on chocolate and artificial flavors as in America. My favorite treats to buy are fruit gummy squares made from Haw fruit and candied ginger.

Shops like these are a great place to shop for gifts to bring back home. Your choices range from the uniquely Chinese (Durian candy and giant bags of shrimp chips) to the over-the-top, like these giant lollipops the size of a child's head.

On the B2 level of Yitian Holiday Plaza, walk alongside the Ole Supermarket and you'll find this tiny shop called Sweet and Honey. The friendly attendants will be excited to help you bag and weigh your yummy treats.

Hail to the Busdriver
Yes, it's the bus. But, what a bus. If you are in the Holiday Plaza shopping center—or in the Westin upstairs—you can catch this bus in the basement.

First, there is a magical journey to get to the bus. Follow the signs to the metro. In the subway area, start to look for the signs for the bus. Whichever way you take, the underground is full of great little shops and cafes. My favorites are the takoyaki place and the terrarium store.

At the end, you can find the buses. The #70 is great, it takes you to Shenzhen University, Coastal City, and down to the ferry. All for just 2.5RMB.

9028 Shennan Ave, Dongmen, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518053
+86 755 8629 8000