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Viking Ship Museum

Take a Day Trip from Copenhagen to the Viking Ship Museum
We went to the Viking Ship Museum while visiting Copenhagen. It's about 1/2 hour train ride from the city and another 10 minutes or so on the bus (#203). I expected to spend about a half day here entertaining the kids but we ended up spending much more because it was so engaging.

They have actual kid activities that are interesting and fun -- view old viking weapons, learn how to sword fight with wooden shields and sword (a staff member will show you how it's done), decorate your own shield and sword to take home, learn how to make rope -- and this is just one small part of the whole experience.

Inside you can view the remnants of the 5 viking ships that were discovered in the harbor and learn about how they recreated them. You can also watch a film about how a crew sailed a recreated ship from Roskilde to Dublin (while seated in a replica ship). The kids can try on traditional viking costumes.

And finally, but not least, you can pay a small fee to take one of the replicated viking boats out on the water! There's no motor -- just oars to row out and then use the wind to sail back in. It's beautiful out on the water and to have a view back to town. The kids can participate or just watch all the activity.

There was so much to do and a variety of offerings that engaged the whole family. Definitely a must-do with kids on a visit to Copenhagen.

Viking Ship Museum
This museum is the Danish national museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding in the prehistoric and medieval period, and it houses the Skuldelev ships. They were deliberately sunk in the year 1070 to protect Roskilde from an enemy attack, and were later excavated in 1962. The museum was built especially for these ships plus 9 more discovered later, including the longest war ship ever discovered, at 36m long. Price of admission – 115DKK (15EUR or $17). Cheaper after Oct 18th.

The Viking Museum
The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde (a half-hour train ride from Copenhagen) is home to the reconstructed remains of a number of Viking ships recovered from the depths of the nearby Roskilde fjord. More than just a museum with a few old ships though, this is a living museum. It houses workshops where artisans re-create the Viking vessels that have been recovered using traditional tools and methods.

Watch how they do it, and then (weather permitting) join them in one of the boats out on the fjord.

The museum has great tours for both adults and kids.

Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
+45 46 30 02 00
Sun - Sat 10am - 5pm