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Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard
The most popular tourist site on the island, thanks in large part to visiting cruise ships, the dockyards have an interesting history despite the crowds of visitors. Since the British first landed on Bermuda, the island has held tremendous strategic importance due to its unique position in the North Atlantic. A vital naval base, the dockyards were the headquarters for military activity on Bermuda from the American Revolution through the 1950s.

Most interesting to me is the history of Bermuda during the 18th century as the British Empire tried to fight back the privateers. What we would call pirates, privateers were one of the main threats to British maritime supremacy and Bermuda was an important base of action in combating these troublesome buccaneers.

The historic site however fell into disrepair after its decommission and it wasn’t until the 1980s when things started to turn around. Most important to the local economy is that the docks are now used for the many cruise ships that call on the peaceful island. To accommodate these hoards of tourists, shops and restaurants have sprung up to cater to their needs. There is also an interesting Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Dolphin Quest attraction nearby as well.
6 Rose Hill, St.George's GE05, Bermuda
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