Built to commemorate Parks Canada’s 125th anniversary, this bike path connects Banff to the neighboring town of Canmore. The trail follows the Rundle Range down the Bow Valley, so scenery appears around each bend. This paved 26.8-kilometer (16.6-mile) trail is one of the few places within the park where cyclists do not have to share a roadway with vehicles. For this reason, it is popular with families—though you will see plenty of spandex-clad bikers using it as well. With an elevation difference of about 90 meters (295 feet) between the two towns, the gradient is gentle (the ride from Banff to Canmore has a downhill trend). If riding the mostly uphill portion back doesn’t appeal to you, taking public transit with your bike back to Banff is possible by hopping on a Roam bus. Just remember, each bus can only take on six bikes at most—and it is a pretty popular route.

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