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Riva Rosa Ristorante

Riva Rosa In Burano
Burano is quaint and touristy in the same breath. Some might argue that there is not much to see beyond the multi-colored buildings. But there is definitely something worth eating - sardines! Sit in the sun at Riva Rosa and enjoy along with seafood risotto and spaghetti alle vongole.

Go for the Go.. Go Risotto That Is!
While exploring the picturesque and delightful island of Burano, I stopped at Riva Rosa Ristorante to escape the heat and satiate my appetite and thirst.

I decided on a delicious "Go Risotto" and a glass of Pinot Blanc. Go is a tiny fish that is native to the Venetian Lagoon that is so delicate that it must be simmered ever so slowly so as not to break apart the fish which imparts a bitter taste and ruins the broth.

The risotto was wonderful, the wine light and crisp and the Chocolate Tart with a Warm Heart was deliciously decadent.

The food was so good I am considering return before I leave Venice. The Fritto Misto looked delicious to, if that is more to your liking.

Via San Mauro, 296, 30142 Burano VE, Italy
+39 041 730850
Thur - Tue 12pm - 4pm