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Námafjall, Iceland
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Walking on Mars  Northeast  Iceland
Geothermal Energy Northeast  Iceland
Restless Earth  Northeast  Iceland
Walking on Mars  Northeast  Iceland
Geothermal Energy Northeast  Iceland
Restless Earth  Northeast  Iceland

Walking on Mars

It's like being on another planet when you get to Námafjall. Sterile of any vegetation, hot and with a strong sulfur smell this place looks and feels out of this world. I wish I had more time here but 10 minutes after we arrived it started to rain hard and we had to go. But I will never forget this amazing place. This was my "Mars" experience :) .It is a spot that should not be missed while driving on the Ring in Iceland. And it's only a few minutes away from Kratla volcano.

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over 4 years ago

Geothermal Energy

The Námafjall geothermal field is located in Northeast Iceland, on the east side of Lake Myvatn.

At this area, also known as Hverir, you may see many solfataras and boiling mud pots, surrounded by sulfur crystals of many different colors. The area is quite smelly but something one gets used to after a while. The soil in the area has little growth and is sour due to erosion and the sulfur from the atmosphere. Indeed, the old rock-covered boreholes in the area give off a lot of hot steam, so we advise caution.

Around the area is a small hiking trail up to Namaskard pass and Namafjall mountain, returning to the highway and the parking lot.

Historically sulfur would be much sought after in the area. The same is true of the geothermal power. In 1969 a power plant was built west of the mountain, at Bjarnarflag, by the Laxa Power Company. This company later merged with Landsvirkjun. The plant currently produces 3MW of geothermal energy.

Very cool place to visit and safe, as it is marked where it's safe to walk.
over 4 years ago

Restless Earth

At the foothills of this spectacular volcanic mountain is an expanse of hot springs called Hveraröndor Hverir that are known for their changing variety. You may also find a number of fumaroles, mud pools and mud pots that all seem to be boiling with relentless energy. The pass Námaskarð is strategically located at a short distance from the Krafla volcano system as well as other interesting geological spots like Búrfellshraun and the desert Mývatsöræfi.
Námaskarð earns its notoriety chiefly because of its sulphurous mud springs called solfataras and steam springs called fumaroles. Though you will scarcely find any pure water spring in this wonderful geothermal site of Iceland, the beauty of the colorful minerals defies all comparisons. The gigantic size of the mud craters is what makes you go ‘wow’ at the sight of them.
The other thing that is sure to strike you about Námaskarð is the sheer lack of vegetation. However, if you give a thought to the high temperature range, it does not appear an impossibility altogether. The constant emission of the fumes has made the ground utterly sterile and acidic, unfit to sustain any floras and faunas. You must bear in mind that the fumes can be harmful for humans as well.