Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center

9 Chilkat Avenue, Klukwan, AK 99827, USA
+1-907- 767-5485

In recent years, in search of a way to revitalize their dying village, the Chilkat people of Klukwan (near Haines) built the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center. The center brought jobs back to Klukwan, providing good reason for people who had moved to Haines and beyond to take up residence in the village again. What’s been good for them is also very good for visitors. Though you can poke around on your own at Jilkaat Kwaan, you’ll learn more (and have loads more fun) if you sign on for a guided tour and culture camp. At culture camp you’ll learn about the art of fish drying, traditional dancing, Chilkat weaving, and more. Don’t skip the gift shop—you’ll want to see (and buy) the handmade crafts that local village members sell.

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