Jack Daniel Distillery

280 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN 37352, USA

The charming little town of Lynchburg is home to Jack Daniel, the most famous distillery in all of Tennessee. Take a quick stroll around the town square before crossing a short bridge, which will lead you over a creek that flows from the same spring that provides fresh water for Jack Daniel’s delicious whiskey. Upon arrival at the distillery, you’ll find a modern visitor center where you can learn about the history of Jack Daniel’s as well as the process of making Tennessee whiskey, including the extra step of charcoal mellowing that differentiates it from bourbon.

It’s remarkable to consider that every drop of Jack Daniel’s served at bars all over the world comes from this lovely hamlet down in the hollow—in fact, visitors are likely to see delivery trucks carrying pallets of bottles back up the hills to parts unknown. Should you want to dive deeper into the whiskey-making process, take a guided tour through the various stages of production, beginning at the source of the springwater and continuing through distillation and finally the rickhouses, where the whiskey ages for years in oak barrels until it’s ready for bottling.

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Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchburg, TN

So I don’t drink whiskey, nor do I think I have ever tried Jack Daniels, but even with that being said, this was pretty cool! We took the free tour and Jack Daniels being the center of this small town, you can tell that the people here really know the history and are truly dedicated to this company. The history of how the company started and how it continues is really interesting and like anything, seeing how it works and how its made, really makes you appreciate it that much more. Learning the differences between the different types of Jack Daniels, seeing the spring water that all Jack Daniels is made from, and seeing how much they make and who consumes the most, were some of the most interesting facts learned, but I recommend a visit to this dry town if you are ever in the southern Nashville area.

Jack Daniel's Distillery

Registered in the National Register of Historic Places, The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is where the famous Tennessee fine whiskey comes from. Located in the boonies of Lynchburg, TN, which interestingly enough is a dry town, they offer free daily tours into what makes the best selling whiskey in the world. You will witness the process from the raw to finish product. From barley, corn, rye and natural spring waters from a cave in their backyard to filtering in sugar maple charcoal and aging in large wooden vats. At the end, you buy souvenirs (but not the product) at the company store.

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