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Disneyland Paris

The magic of Disney
Growing up I did not have access to anything like Disney so for a weekend I too was a kid again and love it :). I loved the rides and I really loved the parade. Both the kids and us were mesmerized by the colors and music.

I recommend going during the off season and on a week day. That way the lines are really short and the waiting time is not more than 10 minutes.
Disney is not just for kids
Who says Disney is for kids only? We recently visited the park to celebrate my daughter's third birthday. While there were plenty of kids in the rides but I noticed a very large number of adults enjoying them just as much. Some of them were ridden by adults only. I love seeing adults who are kids at heart.

It was a big difference since we went there last time.... it was a weekend during the summer season, very busy and with waiting periods of up to 3 hours.
This time we listened to friends and went off season and during the week. Far better and recommended. It was far less crowded and the lines waiting time waw nowhere near as long, five, ten minutes at the most.
We had front row view at the parade so the kids got to really enjoy it all, and so did we :).

Disney is not just for kids  Chessy  France

Disneyland Paris
Fear not of traveling Europe with kids as there are plenty of fun places for them to enjoy. One of them is Disneyland Paris. I have no term of comparison since it's the only one we've been to but our kids go crazy every time we tell them we are going.
Going there off season is definitely best. There are many more deals, the lines are a lot shorter, and a lot less people than in the summer months.
Going there during the week is also better rather than a weekend.
There are rides, food, and of course, our kids' favorite, the Disney parade.
We went off season and for the first time we had front row seats and we really enjoyed it.

The range of Disney hotels varies from cheaper to very expensive so take your pick.

Disneyland Paris  Chessy  France

77777 Marne-la-Vallée, France
+33 825 30 05 00
Sun - Sat 10am - 11pm