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Chapada Diamantina

The Thrill of Pai Inacio Hill
If you ever find yourself in Lencois, Brazil, make your way about 40 miles west for one spectacular view. Located in Chapada Diamantina National Park, Pai Inacio Hill is just off BR-242 and can easily be seen from the road. The striking white stone and the majestic appearance of this natural rock formation is compelling enough to make anyone want to stop and explore. It is a relatively easy 20 minute hike to the summit, and once you arrive you will see that it is worth every step. Standing atop Pai Inacio, with the sun and wind greeting your face, you will bear witness to the valley that unfolds below you. It appears to go on forever, and that is about how long you will want to stay and take in the awe-inspiring view.
Brazilian Spelunking
While a lot of people spend time IN Chapada Diamantina National Park, not everyone spends time UNDER it. Numerous cave systems were created by the rivers that run through the area. This particular cave, Gruta de Lapão, consists of sandstone and quartzite and is about a half a mile from end to end. Gold and diamonds were once found in many of these caves, but alas, I found none. Having hiked trails in the morning, jumped off waterfalls in the afternoon, and taken in the panoramic view from Pai Inacio Hill, finishing the day in the bowels of the park was a fitting end to an adventurous day.
Brazilian Spelunking Bahia  Brazil

Chapada Diamantina, Morro do Chapéu - State of Bahia, 44850-000, Brazil