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Boracay Island

Always an Interesting Sunset at Boracay
One of things I love about Boracay are the sunsets. Every day, or even every trip I've taken, I experienced very interesting sunsets, with the skies creating all sorts of colors and patterns during the golden hour (first and last hour of sunlight) and 30 minutes after the sun goes down. While Boracay gets more developed and commercialized as a tourist destination, the sunsets in Boracay will remain natural.

During this time of the day, you can take the most beautiful photographs, stroll along the long stretch of the beach, have a drink or two on a beachfront bar during happy hour, take a paraw (small sail boat) out on the sea, or simply people watch.

If you go, stay at the beachfront resorts at Station 1, they have the nicest and most powdery white sands in that part of the beach. If you're on a budget, you can also get good value accommodations at Station 2. It is easy enough anyway to walk along the long stretch of beach. which spans from Station 1 to Station 3.

Boracay is around 35-45 minute flight from Metro Manila.

Boracay's Best: New Year's Eve
Contrary to the opinion of many, Boracay is still a great place to welcome in the New Year. Having spent New Year's Eve in Boracay for 6 out of the past 11 years, I can confidently say that the recent influx in tourism (up 350% in 10 years) has not taken away from it's charm.

Ringing in the New Year should involve good food, creative cocktails, and a party atmosphere to your liking. In Boracay, everyone in your group will be happy.

We started with sunset drinks at Aysa (the most exclusive resort on the island). We had a fabulous dinner at Lemon iCafe. After that, we met up with our friends at Cocomanga's for Illusion Shakers and Jam Jars. Finally, we rang in the New Year on the beach watching all the fireworks from the Beachcomber Disco. The few of us that were left headed to Epic to welcome in the first sunrise of the year. Check out my blog for pictures (www.jetsetduet.com).

The food in Boracay is seriously some of the best and worst I've ever had. Read reviews before you go and don't miss the banana french toast at Real Coffee and the samosas at True Foods

You could spend a month on this tiny island and try something new every day.

Boracay Adventure
Recently named #1 Best Island by Travel+Leisure and Tripadvisor, Boracay Island in the Philippines offers the most spectacular sunsets this side of the globe, fantastic white beaches, glorious sea foods, world class hotels, endless outdoor fun, exotic diving spots, a lively shopping mall and non-stop night scene for every kind of adventurer.
To experience seafood heaven, highly recommended is D Talipapa (wet and dry market). Buy fresh seafood from the market and have it cooked your way at any 'paluto' (cooking service) restaurant next door. BYOB or try some local ice cold San Miguel beer!

White Beach
I have been to places that boast of great beaches like Mexico's stunning Caribbean coasts (including Cozumel Island), Brazil's Rio de Janeiro, Malaysia's Langkawi, Thailand's Phuket and Indonesia's Bali but I have never experienced a beach like Boracay's White Beach.

I first visited the island in 1996 when I was just starting to explore the stunning islands of the Philippines. Lately, I would visit the island a number of times a year. White Beach has the coolest, softest, finest white sand I have ever stepped on. The white sand sizzles under the searing heat of the summer sun. Also, I always look forward to absolutely breathtaking sunsets that would cap the day...oh wait, I am not yet done: parties are crazy with some clubs open until 7am. When around the area, New Year's Eve is best celebrated in Boracay with family and friends which I first did in 2012.

There are other secluded beaches in the tiny island and one of them is Puka Beach which is my favorite place to write my book and be left alone alternating between San Mig beer and fresh coconut juice.

Whether I stay in a $300 a day five star resort or just $50 a day boutique hotel, whether I am traveling alone or with my friends and family, my experience in Boracay would always be something I could write about for months on end.

Diving in the Philippines
The Philippines is the perfect place to learn how to dive, as it features crystal clear waters, incredible underwater life and warm waters.

You'll get lots of opportunities to check out the tropical fish, which include lizard fish, eels and barracudas. Diving sessions are also only a few hours, meaning you'll still get lots of time to explore the island.

Off the beaten tourist path.
After an early morning run along the stretch of Boracay's main touristy white beach, I wanted to take a different route back to my hotel. There were two options -- take the narrow road back or go the water route. I'm not the strongest swimmer, so going the water route has to be by way of a watercraft. I saw an idle outrigger and rented it for less than $10, paddler included. I was treated to a unique experience seeing the expanse of the Boracay shores from a different vantage and a lifetime of bragging rights of having captained a sea-going craft.

Boracay, Malay, Philippines