Would kitty fit into your suitcase?

We have a lot of heated conversations here in the AFAR office about best travel practices (well, as heated you can get about the best time to book a plane ticket, or whether or not that expensive neck pillow is really worth the investment). But the comments really started flying last week when one editor posed this simple question: When packing clothes in a suitcase, which is better—rolling or (*gasp*) folding?

We never settled on the “right” way  (though we unearthed some cool travel hacks). But the debate taught us a lot about one another. It was like the rolling vs. folding debate was ultimately a lesson in self-reflection and a collective movement toward personal growth, you know? 

So now it’s your turn. Sure, if you want to know other-worldly things about your travel plans and your personality, you could look to the stars or check the time of your birth. Or, as we recently discovered, you could just look in your suitcase.