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This New Travel Resource Helps You Plan Trips According to Your Interests

By Joseph Diaz

Oct 3, 2019

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AFAR teamed up with United Airlines to create an online resource that gives you the ability to plan travel based on your personal passions.

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Every day, travelers scour the web for help planning upcoming trips and to get inspiration on where to visit. We’re excited to announce a new partnership we started with United Airlines to help provide personalized inspiration on United.com so visitors can learn more about some of the top destinations United serves as they begin to plan their trips.

The goal with this initiative was to transform United.com into an inspirational travel planning resource and to help customers decide where to go and what to do when they got there. The new feature that is now live on United.com offers a personalized guide with content that we carefully curated to give you more information about the destinations you’re interested in visiting.

In a statement announcing the new platform, Vice President of Digital Products and Analytics at United, Praveen Sharma, said: “Every day, we help connect customers to hundreds of cities around the world. In partnering with AFAR, we are able to make United.com not just a place for customers to book travel, but a place to become inspired and learn about the vast number of destinations that United serves across our global network.” 

We worked with United to create a feature on its homepage called “Travel Inspiration.” Together, we started with nearly 200 of United’s top destinations around the world and examined each through eight primary lenses that travelers are often interested in including:

  • Food & drink
  • Beaches
  • Resorts & relaxation
  • Family
  • Outdoors
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping

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Then we drilled down even deeper to get more specific for each of the primary lenses. For example, the “Food & drink” category can be explored even more with information on cafes, breweries, fine dining, street food, and the list goes on.

Knowing that some of the destinations and attractions may be seasonal, we also rated each destination and experience by the best time to visit that location. While “Food & drink” suggestions may not vary much from April to December, visiting a beach certainly would. This opens your travel planning to a wider and more global approach. The world is literally your oyster!

United’s unmatched global network and personalized recommendations combined with AFAR’s depth and quality of our content gives you the ability to plan your travel based on personal interests. At AFAR, our mission has always been to inspire, guide, and enable you to have deeper, richer, and more fulfilling travel experiences. Harnessing your interests and passions is a great way to get you started. We’re excited that United has invested in this vision and we’re excited for you to visit United.com/travelinspiration to experience this new and innovative approach by one of the world’s leading airlines.

As always, we’d love your ideas and feedback. Please feel free to send us a note at community@afar.com with any helpful thoughts and recommendations.

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