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The 8 Multi-Function Beauty Products We Can’t Travel Without

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How to look your best while traveling—with only 2 or 3 beauty products.

When you’re traveling, bringing your full beauty arsenal of is often not an option. But not looking your best? Also not an option. We love packing our carry-ons with multi-purpose products that give us bang for our spatial buck. Here are 8 of our all-time favorites. (And don’t worry, dudes: your list is coming soon!)

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes is a fantastic all-in-one eye color kit that helps you create multiple looks, from a subtle shimmer to dramatic contouring. Each of the components work fabulously on their own too—the signature Bo-ing concealer is great for on-the-go coverage and touchups and the soft pink powder works as an all-over highlighter.”—Maggie Gould, executive director, marketing

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes, $32; sephora.com

“The hippie/minimalist in me loves straight-up coconut oil. It does quadruple duty as a body and face moisturizer, lip balm, shaving cream, and frizz-ease—and, bonus, my friends tell me I smell like a cookie on holiday. Even better? It’s drip-proof and TSA-friendly. And, hey, it’s Elle-approved!”—Aislyn Greene, associate editor

Spectrum Organics coconut oil, $12 amazon.com

“A simple spray bottle of rose water is a must! I spray it on my face while on the beach or after a workout (it really helps cool you down on a hot day), and it’s perfect for a light body-mist refresher before going out.”—Samantha Juda, audience marketing specialist

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater, $7; nordstrom.com

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Argan oil is great for everything from rough winter skin (I use it at night and also in the morning before moisturizer – it makes you dewy, not oily, promise) and frizzy hair to bug bites. BUT the bottle tends to leak terribly so do yourself a favor and transfer it to a travel vessel of some kind.” —Lily Soysal, marketing and special projects director

Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil, $48; sephora.com

Kiehl’s Lightweight Crème de Corps, my most coveted product. A lighter version of their signature crème, this one is super moisturizing but about a fourth of the thick consistency. I use it on both body and face. It’s made to let you dress seconds after you apply it to your skin, making it great for travel (I’m always out the door on trips and try to spend as little time in my hotel room as possible!). My favorite thing about it: it’s my ultimate secret weapon for keeping my tan after a quality beach stint. It’s so effective, when I apply 1+ times a day, I’m a deep tan for weeks.”—Juliette San Fillipo, associate marketing manager

Kiehl’s Lightweight Crème de Corps, $25; kiehls.com

Benefit Benetint. It’s a cheery blush for lips or cheeks, just enough color to provide a little brightening without feeling full-on made up.” —Davina Baum, director of digital content

Benefit Benetint, $30; sephora.com

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“I can’t go anywhere without my NARS Copacabana multi stick—I use it on my eyes, cheeks, lips, and collarbone, and sometimes even on my shins for that Kate Middleton look. That plus tinted moisturizer and mascara, and I’m good.” —Danielle Walsh, associate editor of social media and newsletters

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana, $39; NARS.com

“I picked this amazing product up when I was living in Australia—and it’s definitely one of Aussies’ favorite beauty product—called pawpaw ointment. It’s made out of papaya, and it’s mostly used for lip balm. But it can also be used to soothe burns, bruises, cuts, insect bites, heat rash, diaper rash, sunburns, cracked cuticles and all sorts skin issues. It’s really handy to have when traveling, especially if you’re outdoors. You can even use it as a makeup base so that your eyeshadow stays on longer!” —Denise Hoo, digital ads operations manager

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment, $12; amazon.com 

Photo by 1950sUnlimited/Flickr.