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Five Haunted Hotels for Halloween

By Jen Murphy

Oct 21, 2015

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Courtesy of the Stanley Hotel

Spooky places to stay the night.

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Do you believe in ghosts? A stay at one of these hotels and inns may convince you or at least give you a good spook. Here are five haunted stays for Halloween.

1. The Beechwood Inn, Barnstable Village, Massachusetts
The resident ghost at the Beechwood Inn was nicknamed the Mischievous Lady by innkeepers Ken and Debra Traugot. The six-room inn has been visited by investigators of paranormal phenomena who have found little evidence of a spectral being. But the Traugots swear the Mischievous Lady is responsible for mysterious unscrewed light bulbs, bolt doors shut from the inside and other, well, mischief.

2. The Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston, South Carolina
Known as Charleston’s most haunted inn, the Battery Carriage House is allegedly home to several ghosts. Staff as well as guests have reported encounters with a gentleman ghost who many believe once lived in the home and jumped off the roof and killed himself. This ghost seems to prefer spooking guests in Room 10. Others have had encounters with the headless torso of a man from the Civil War era.

3. Seven Sisters Inn, Ocala, Florida
This Gothic Victorian inn was featured on the SciFi channel’s Ghost Hunters. Seven spirits are believed to have never check out of the inn, including two of the original inhabitants that lived there for over 50 years. Staff and guests have reported hearing footsteps, whispering voices and knocks on the walls. The innkeepers keep a collection of electronic voice phenomenon for dubious guests.


4. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
The Stanley’s spook factor goes beyond the hotel’s inspirational role in the Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. Countless guests in addition to King have claimed eerie occurrences from lights turning on and off to unexplainable drafts and doors opening and closing. Staff claim at least four spirits regularly roam the halls and rooms: Lucy, Paul, Eddie, and Elizabeth. The Concert Hall is a popular spot to witness paranormal activity. And stinky odors are often attributed to Eddie, nicknamed the Stinky Man. Curious guests can book Ghost Adventure packages or request to stay in a haunted room.

5. Concord’s Colonial Inn, Concord, Massachusetts
The owners can’t say for sure if ghosts haunt the inn, but in 1966 a newlywed couple staying in room 24 claimed to have seen a ghost. They were awakened by a presence in the room and saw a grayish figure at their bedside. The hotel has since been visited by Ghost Images Paranormal Investigations and the Spirit Encounters Research Team.

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