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5 Ways to Feel the Magic in Santa Fe

By Alex Schechter


From the January/February 2016 issue

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Photo by Ron Cogswell

Now more than ever, the city is full of experiences that fuel the body and spirit. (Bonus: It's home to great alcoholic spirits, too.)

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For your home base, book a casita at the Sunrise Springs resort, just outside the city. For hundreds of years, this desert oasis served as a rest stop for those on the El Camino Real route from Mexico City. Today, the resort offers travelers acupuncture and yoga treatments plus cooking and therapeutic gardening classes.

For therapy of the retail variety, check out Modern General’s chic home goods such as hand-hammered Amoretti Brothers copper pots. Store owner Erin Wade also runs a 10-acre organic farm outside the city. Her produce shows up in dishes served at the store’s café and at the bistro next door, Vinaigrette, where you’ll find salads made with crispy yam shoestrings, pomegranate seeds, and pancetta and miso-mushroom soup. More tasty bites await at Santa Fe Honey Salon, where you can sample 21 varieties of raw, extra-virgin, and unfiltered honey, some sourced from the New Mexican wilderness.

End the day busting stress in a slightly less wholesome way at Santa Fe Spirits. Sip local liquors like smoked gin and apple brandy or try an exceptional white whiskey margarita, then grab a souvenir: a bottle of Atapiño, the distillery’s latest creation. Made from whiskey-soaked piñon nuts and packed with pine and vanilla flavors, the booze is only for sale in the store.

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