12 Must-Do Experiences in Las Vegas
Experience the Strip in all its glory—but also get out and see Las Vegas like a local.

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Exploring the Valley of Fire

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Get out of Las Vegas and visit The Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest, largest and first state park. The park is a geological beauty and easily accessible at just a 50-minute drive from the Strip. There you’ll find 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyphs, petrified areas, the remains of cabins from the 30′s and unique natural formations created by the winds passing across the lands.

Driving into the desert in the comfortable Pink Jeep Tour Trekker, a specially customised luxury Chrysler with reclining leather seats, we followed the highways, the Pink Jeep purring along.

There was orange as far as my eyes could see, with browning or sparsely coloured bushes dotted across the expanse. Driving through the lands I could understand why people chose to film here – Total Recall, Star Trek Generations, and Domino, to name a few - it looked like another planet.

I was fascinated by the petroglyphs, written by the Atlatl, many still left undeciphered. Due to the dry weather many of the petroglyphs don’t need to be covered up and can be left in their natural state, though some are covered by a thin layer of plastic if within arms reach just in case people want to graffiti them.

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