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TongDe Xing

Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Don't Miss Suzhou Noodles!

One of my favorite meals on this trip took place in a totally buzzing local restaurant, TongDe Xing, famous for it's delicious noodles. Suzhou noodle soup is a revered local specialty. It is made with Suzhou style noodles and it comes with a plethora of toppings to chose from, so everybody gets to create their own individual dish. The broth, I was told, is key. It is usually made from chicken, pork, pig bones, and different spices. Each place has their own, highly guarded secret recipe. We got to choose between light (milder in flavor), or dark (a bit more pungent and tangy), as the base–then ordered our toppings, also known as 'Mianma'. Classics include braised pork, deep-fried fish and shrimp.

Disclaimer for non-Chinese speakers!
Going to TongDe Xing has to be treated as a total adventure, as NOBODY there speaks any English. You'll either have to try and find an English speaking patron–or have Google translate at the ready ; )

TongDe Xing
NO. 624 Shiquan Street, Suzhou, China

+86 512 6516 5206

>>>A heartfelt xièxiè (谢谢) to the incredible and extremely hardworking teams at Suzhou Municipal Tourism Administration and PHG Consulting for a fascinating 4 days in Suzhou, China.
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