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No. 1 Silk Factory

94号 Nanmen Road

Suzhou Silk Factory

Visiting a working silk factory (from worm to fabric), was one of my highlights in Suzhou. In essence I'd known the basics of the silk worm growing/ silk production circle, but seeing it for real was very cool.

There's a museum at the beginning of the tour that talks about the history of silk and showcases samples of ancient and not so ancient pieces. But the fun begins in the next room, where piles of mulberry leaves are displayed with hundreds of silkworms munching away on them. From here you walk past the cocoons, then the sorting and cocoon boiling stations, and finally the massive mechanical machine that unravels them into the finest threads. I'm always curious about the way things work, and to walk through the lifecycle of the worm to cocoon, to finished product is fascinating! How the heck did somebody at some point in time figure out how to produce silk?

If you're looking to shop, you won't be disappointed either. Exit is through the gift shop–a massive emporium, hall after hall filled with all things silk. One item that Suzhou Silk Factory is especially known for is their silk-filled duvet, made from hand-spread cocoons, on site.

94 Nanmen Rd, Cang Lang Qu, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 215007

+86 512 6561 3733

>>>A heartfelt xièxiè (谢谢) to the incredible and extremely hardworking teams at Suzhou Municipal Tourism Administration and PHG Consulting for a fascinating 4 days in Suzhou, China.
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