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'Rock Strangers'

Enjoy Oostende’s Public Art
If you like to admire art in the open air, Oostende has plenty for you to enjoy outdoors.

Start at the Royal Gallery where you can enjoy a free exhibition of portrait photography.

Walk towards the casino along the promenade and admire the ‘Dansende Golven’ (Dancing Waves) sculpture by Patrick Steenon.

Continue along the promenade until you reach the bright red shapes that make up ‘Rock Strangers’ by Arne Quinze (pictured). Watching people move through and interact with the shapes can be almost as interesting as the art itself.

More Information on Oostende: http://cheeseweb.eu/2013/10/10-reasons-visit-oostende-beach/

Albert I-promenade, 8400 Oostende, Belgium