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Marfa Brands

117 South Dean Street

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Sun 10am - 1pm
Fri 12pm - 5pm
Sat 10am - 5pm

Handmade Desert Soap

Marfa is a place of outstanding artists and makers. One of them–no doubt–is Ginger Griffice.
I've known Ginger since meeting her at Trans Pecos last year and I've been a frequent shopper at her Marfa Brands Store, where she sells her soaps, fun glassware and other neat items. This time, I finally caught her in action, making a brand new batch of her amazing artisanal soaps. Ginger takes much of her olfactory inspiration from the desert that surrounds Marfa. Her natural soaps are made from vegetable and essential oils, and she often adds tea (green, Earl Grey, Lapsang souchon) for added scent, color, and texture. If you're looking to take a little bit of Marfa back home with you, this is the place.

Fun fact: one of Marfa Brands Soaps, Ranch Road, was specifically created for El Cosmico, to capture 'the smell of rain, and the free spirit that El Cosmico is all about'.

Opening times are fluid, Marfa style. If Ginger's store is closed, you can always swing by the 'Get Go' grocery, a short block away, and pick up a few bars there.

>>>Warmest thanks to the awesome team at El Cosmico for another unforgettable Trans Pecos Festival of Music and Love–an annual gathering of friends, music, art, camping, sandlot baseball and a night sky full of stars in Marfa, Texas. Love you guys.