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Lubaantun Mayan Ruins

Driving to the Lubaantun Mayan Ruins of Belize
At the end of a long, pothole-filled road (potholes may be an understatement) there's a Mayan ruin tucked away from the tourist crowds that flock the more popular ruins.
However, for the traveler who loves getting to sense a place as it is, almost untouched, it's a must-see.

During our trip, there were kind Mayan women selling their wares on the side of the road as you walk up to the only modern building and explore the small museum. Be sure to chat with the keeper as he whittles away on some wood and tells you how the gardeners "just dug up some new artifacts today while pulling weeds".

Once you leave the open-windowed shop, you'll get to trace the remains of this once great Mayan city. Its humble remains, from the ball court to the kitchen, give you a glimpse into a life long gone. Although, as you walk away from the Mayan women and wave goodbye to the keeper, breathing in the musky jungle air, you wonder if those days-gone-by are really so far lost.