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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisana Museum of Modern Art
The Louisana Museum of Modern Art is located 40 minutes outside of Copenhagen in beautiful seaside Humlebæk. Its setting on the shores of the Øresund Sound is stunning and the permanent collection of modern and contemporary art is among the most impressive in Europe.

We spent most of our time in the Children’s Wing, where our son tied on a paint-splattered smock for hands-on activities like clay molding, collaging, and creating his own acrylic masterpiece.

Definitely daytrip-worthy.
Modern Art Outing with Kids near Copenhagen
If you're visiting Copenhagen, don't miss a visit to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It's an easy 1/2 hour train ride from the city followed by about a 10 minute walk. Everything about our visit was excellent but a highlight is spending time in the sculpture garden which overlooks the Sound (and you can see the coast of Sweden in the distance).

This is a great outing with kids. The children's wing does a fantastic job of creating interesting ways for the kids to plug into modern art and the museum. On our visit there was a sculpture garden detective kit where kids had to seek out certain sculptures and examine different aspects and make some discoveries. Our kids loved it and it kept them engaged -- and it allowed me to leave them with my husband while I viewed the galleries in peace. There is also a great winding slide near the children's wing that they spent a lot of time on.

At the end of the day we got a bite to eat and and a glass of wine (for the adults) on the terrace overlooking the Calder sculpture garden and the Sound.

Don't miss the gift shop with lots of great modern design items to tempt you.
Modern Art Outing with Kids near Copenhagen Humlebæk  Denmark

The Inviting Grounds of the Louisiana
The east lawn at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is the perfect place to have a picnic, smell the white wildflowers, or take a short nap. And the Danes, with their commitment to hygge, would likely encourage you to do so.

The museum, named for the proprietor’s proclivity for marrying women named Louise (thrice), straddles the Øresund coast and opens up to the Nivå Bay, a strait between Denmark and Sweden. With modern sculptures patterned across the pastoral grounds, benches placed for the best views, rolling creeks, a large pond, and a forested area where five Nordic houses are speckled about, the Louisiana Museum feels more like a park than a modernist haven.

The museum’s blond ceilings, red brick floors, and bright windows invite you stay for a while and study the Picassos and the Warhols in the best light. The museum’s focus is modern art after 1945. The exhibits are well detailed, providing you with an educational experience. The museum is small enough to be digested in a few hours; you don’t leave feeling unfinished.

When you need a break from the art, there is cafe overlooking the water. There you can enjoy warm soups or healthy sandwiches. You can also enjoy a glass of wine by a fire and reconnect with hygge (pronounced hugg-ah), a coziness, warmth, and companionship endemic to Denmark.

All in all, the Louisiana Museum is a must-see day trip from Copenhagen. Just be sure to set an alarm to wake you in case you get too comfortable out there.
The Inviting Grounds of the Louisiana Humlebæk  Denmark

Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art
A beautiful museum surrounded by a wonderful garden and the sea
Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art Humlebæk  Denmark

Exploring the Louisiana Museum
I take the train to Humlebaek Station. Louisiana, Denmark’s greatest museum of modern art, is a fifteen-minute walk from here. The museum was named by the property’s original owner, who married three women: all named Louisa.

Leave it to the Danes to create the perfect museum: the art (Calder, Moore, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Picasso, Rauschenberg) is world-class and the setting worthy of it: billiard table lawns dotted with sculptures, slope into the Oresund Strait. I’m tickled to finally meet Giacometti’s Walking Man and stare into his craggy face after seeing him in photos for so many years.

Denmark & The Danes: http://bit.ly/15aiVrj
Exploring the Louisiana Museum Humlebæk  Denmark

Art & Architecture
Now I am not a person who feels she needs to check out museums when I travel. As much as I love art, I rather use my time finding great food. That said, you would be remiss if you came to Denmark and did not visit this museum. Not only is the train ride there a lovely switch to being in the city, the actual building & grounds are art in themselves. Add an incredible permanent collection, plus a good dining room, it is an all-around lovely experience.
Art & Architecture Humlebæk  Denmark

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
There’s a simple explanation for this art museum's unusual moniker: It’s derived from the property's original owner, Alexander Brun, who named the villa after his three wives, each of whom was called Louise. Located in the affluent suburb of Humlebæk, overlooking the sea, the sublime setting is well worth the quick train journey to get here. The stellar permanent collection, including international luminaries such as Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon, will be sure to impress.
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Humlebæk  Denmark

Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark
+45 49 19 07 19
Sat, Sun 11am - 6pm
Tue - Fri 11am - 10pm