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Kameha Grand Zürich

Journey to another universe at this extraordinary hotel
Remember at Christmas catching a glimpse of that huge gift under the tree and reading your name on the tag? That’s the feeling I had walking down Kameha Grand Zurich’s dimly-lit corridor and seeing my bedroom door: huge, silver and reading 2046 Space Suite. Inside I stepped along a soft, silvery carpet, through a hallway twinkling with stars and into a murmuring room with a levitating bed. I'd just entered outer space. Well, almost. Kameha Grand Zurich’s Space Suite offers an experience as close as you’ll find anywhere. Designed by German photographer Michael Najjar (the first artist to have trained as an astronaut), this room leaves no space rock unturned with details running down to the finest margin. As well as the floating bed, silver seats, an astronaut’s glove emerging from the wall and carpets printed with Milky Way images, you’ll encounter delightful details. The light options range from moonlight to starlight, spotlights clustered on the ceiling resemble rocket engines and no windows give the feeling of utter solitude and zero gravity. Each guest receives a personalized log-in card and can spend the evening watching a selection of intergalactic movies on the curved plasma or reading the selection of space literature. Before you go, remember to add your details to the log book. Other themed rooms at the Kameha Grand Zurich range from a Gentlemen’s Suite with a roulette table and rotating TV to a sultry Burlesque Suite ideal for a romantic break.
A hotel that takes you to the stars!
Designed by German artist, adventurer, and aspiring astronaut Michael Najjar, the suite was designed to make guests feel like they’re living inside a space station, down to the smallest detail with a floating bed, pictures of galaxies, hovering astronauts and models of rockets. Upon entering the suite, a female computer voice welcomes the crewmember, confirms their login, and gives them handling instructions. Rocket engine spotlights fill the room, and an artwork titled “liquid gravity” is displayed to convey the link between space, gravity, and the human body. The Space Suite’s Living Module is designed to immerse guests into feeling what it is like to live in a space station. Visually futuristic, the suite’s window is covered entirely by mirrors, and the room’s carpet lines the floor and ceiling with a black star design. The dressing room in the Space Suite features 4 small square pictures showing the famous Lunar Rover. Images of Astronauts from Apollo 15, 16 and 17 can be seen driving with the rover on the moon´s surface. And finally, the bed of the Space Suite is designed in a way to look like it’s magically floating on air. The mattress is a black rectangle and is reminiscent of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
A hotel that takes you to the stars! Opfikon  Switzerland

Old School meets New Cool
Should you be in the market for some decidedly futuristic mixing and mingling, the Kameha Grand Zurich hotel has made a mission of pushing the design envelope. First among its au courant charms is a brand-new “Space Studio” suite, designed by the German modern artist Michael Najjar, with its “floating bed,” moon rock-inspired decor, and rocket light installations. In the lobby, cigar aficionados can enjoy top notch Cubans in the Smoker’s Lounge or sophisticated sips crafted in the Puregold Bar. Do stay for a bite, as well: The Asian fusion restaurant Yu Nijyo (which offers a lunchtime sushi experience) and the Italian option, L’Unico, offer an inspired spectrum of tastes. Ready to experience Zurich for yourself? Fly SWISS non-stop from seven US cities to Zurich with quick and easy connections to more than 100 other destinations around the world.
Old School meets New Cool Opfikon  Switzerland

Dufaux-Strasse 1, 8152 Opfikon, Switzerland
+41 44 525 50 00