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Whale Watching in Húsavík

Whales, Puffins and Sails
Try something different and experience wildlife on board a traditional Icelandic schooner operated by North Sailing Húsavík.The crew is fun and very knowledgeable. They take you to Lundey, the Puffin Island, as well as the traditional whale watching areas. While on the tour we saw over 10 humpback whales, a few Minkey whales, dolphins, puffins and other arctic birds including Northern gannets which are the largest seabirds in the North Atlantic, with a wingspan of up to 2 meters. It was a gorgeous day too. It was an unforgettable experience and something I would do again and again. At the end of the trip the Captain is offering hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.

Whale Watching
We had an amazing time for 4 hours in the Húsavík waters. Fabulous weather and surrounded by at least 15 humpback whales, minke whales, dolphins and a huge variety of birds—puffins, gannets, and many other arctic birds. I hoped they would leap out of the water but that did not happen. They did however come out face first and mouth open, lots of times, which was amazing to see. We went with kids and it was great for them too. The crew was great, very knowledgeable and funny. At the end we got cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate and because hubby helped with the sails he got the captains treat which is rum in his hot chocolate. He gave that to me as he was the DD and I did not mind it one bit, heehee.

It's a unique, fun and interesting thing to do while in Iceland. I will never forget it.

Whale Watching in Northern Iceland
My husband and I traveled around the periphery of Iceland (on Ring Road) over a 9-day trip this summer. Husavik is a primarily fishing town located on the northern coast of Iceland. It is about 40-min drive from Lake Myvatn. The town has daily whale and puffin watching tours on Skjalfandi Bay, offered by multiple companies. The whale museum is right next to the harbor. There are some good cafes, gift shops and a beautiful wooden church too by the harbor.

Whale Watching
Take a sailing schooner out to catch sight of whales and be sure to wear the suits they offer. It's cold so ask for a shot of Austrian rum in your hot chocolate!

Great whale watching experience
We were here in June 2015 and took the evening whale watching excursion with North Sailing. We had a great experience with North Saling as we managed to see several humpbacks and two blue whales up close. The only thing we did not see is the whales flipping out from the sea. Would recommend taking evening excursions as the tour operators would have a better ideas of the locations of the whales for that day. Definitely would recommend people to try out the whale watching excursion in Husavik.

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