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Hopewell Rocks

Walk on the Ocean Floor
Ever wonder what the bottom of the Bay of Fundy looks like? Just wait a few hours and you’ll find out at the Hopewell Rocks. Check the tide timetable and follow the trail to the lookout point. Head down the stairs and soon you’ll be walking on the bottom of the Bay of Fundy. Slightly muddy, but it’s worth it to walk through the archways of the eroded rocks also called Flower Pots. Sure, you can do this anywhere along the Bay of Fundy during low tide, but the tidal change is especially evident when gauging it against the backdrop of the unique weathered Flower Pots.
Kayak in the Bay of Fundy at High Tide
Wait a few hours and soon that same area that you just walked on near the rocks becomes filled with water and waves. My dad and I decided to get a new perspective and did a kayaking tour during high tide. It turned out to be a real adventure the day we went as the winds were wicked and the waves were powerful. It made it hard to maneuver the kayak near the cliffs and rocks, but my dad was a great sport and we muddled our way through it without tipping the kayaking and going for an unwanted swim!
Kayak in the Bay of Fundy at High Tide Hopewell Cape  Canada

131 Discovery Road, Hopewell Cape, NB E4H 4Z5, Canada
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