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Glover Reef

Swim the Emerald Forest
Though the name Emerald Forest would suggest a lush, green plot of land, in fact the Emerald Forest in Belize is a paradise for divers that is part of Glover’s Reef Atoll. Because it is somewhat shallow, it offers idyllic conditions for snorkelers to easily see the huge green Elkhorn coral that have now been given the name “Emerald Forest.”
See Hammerheads at Shark Point
Shark Point is a remote dive site that is part of Glover’s Reef. This exposed stretch is often pounded by heavy waves as it is on the eastern end of the windward northern reefs. Usually, an hour-long boat trip from the nearest resort with day boats, which is nine miles away, is required to reach Shark Point—but larger boats with zodiacs can be launched from an anchor inside the lagoon, making the process a little easier. If weather and sea conditions perfectly align, the diving is sensational, because nurse, blacktip, hammerhead and tiger sharks all come together. It’s theorized that the sharks are attracted to this area, with its sloping white sand channels and coral hills, because it is a spawning ground for grouper.
See Hammerheads at Shark Point   Belize

Glover Reef, Belize