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Bonfim Wish Ribbons
The Bonfim church in Salvador, Brazil has become famous for their colorful wish ribbons. Thousands of ribbons are tied to the fence surrounding the church. It's an amazing sight and ritual!

Visitors to the church can tie a ribbon to their wrist and make three wishes (one for each knot tied to secure the ribbon). Legend has it that their wishes will be granted when the ribbon naturally disintergrates and falls off. It cannot be cut off or removed. My ribbon took over a year to fall off. It's quite the commitment.

Bomfim da Bahia, Salvador - Brazil
The power of hope and the energy of praying can be extraordinary. In this case, represented by the multiple colors of the wish ribbons. Hard to explain this feeling, but overwhelming after a rainy afternoon in the North East of Brazil

Bonfim, Salvador - BA, Brazil