Johnston Canyon Icewalk

Alberta, Canada is an all-seasons destination thanks to an abundance of rugged beauty. In the winter months though skiing seems to take center stage, which is a shame since there are so many other great adventure activities in the region. One of my favorites was an ice hike through the frozen Johnston Canyon. The canyon area in particular is very popular in the summer with cottages lining the riverbanks and nearby waterfalls. In the winter though it transforms into a silent, icy wonderland. Attaching grampons to our shoes, we followed the guide along snowy paths and icy trails, stopping to observe waterfalls frozen in time. We paused in front of the final set of waterfalls, massive and powerful beasts of nature paused in mid-action for months on end. Ice climbers scaled the walls nearby, and someone poured hot chocolate into a cup for me to enjoy. Even though it was cold, this adventure walk is something I’ll never forget.

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