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You’ll Soon Be Able to Spend the Night at the North Pole—in an Igloo

By Katherine LaGrave

Sep 16, 2019

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All 10 “igloos” have floor-to-ceiling glass for optimal Northern Lights viewing. 

Courtesy of Luxury Action

All 10 “igloos” have floor-to-ceiling glass for optimal Northern Lights viewing. 

The temporary hotel will be set up next April.

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The North Pole is no longer only for Santa Claus and polar bears: Come April 2020, the northernmost point on Earth will get a temporary hotel. 

Made up of 10 heated glass igloos, North Pole Igloos hotel is only open for one month, when travelers can reach the hostile environment by helicopter. Each glass igloo has been tested in extreme temperatures and has a toilet. They’re also mobile, as Luxury Action—the Finnish travel company behind the hotel—moves the mini-rooms to the safest places around the glacier, according to Janne Honkanen, Luxury Action’s founder and CEO. Once the month finishes, the igloos will be packed up and taken away. 

Exploring the North Pole with a guide is part of the package experience.

Interested in spending the night at North Pole Igloos hotel? Great. Now all you have to do is cough up €95,000 ($104,604) for the experience, which includes two nights in Svalbard (an archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole), flights and logistics from Svalbard to the North Pole and then back to Svalbard, a night at the North Pole, and all meals, security, and guiding. 

Luxury Action has been operating on the North Pole for years but never overnight. Honkanen says he was motivated to make the switch after fielding inquiries from guests about the effect of climate change on the Arctic. 

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“I believe they [guests] are also the best messengers for us in order to spread the word of how climate change affects our lives in the Arctic, as well as what the effects are on our Arctic animals and nature,” he says. 

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