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The Kickstarter promises a lay-flat, fully compostable pour-over coffee maker—that actually brews a great cup.

Many coffee junkies swear by the Aeropress for the perfect cup on the road. But have you seen the thing? It comes in seven different pieces, including its separate “microfilters.” Sure, it has its own carrying case, but let’s be real: An Aeropress isn’t the easiest thing to add to an already overpacked suitcase.

A new Kickstarter promises to make great coffee available to anyone who has room to pack a brochure (which is everyone, pretty much). It’s called Dripkit. This fully compostable, single-use pour-over packet makes better coffee than some hipster-fied shops.*

Dripkit comes in a flat envelope—perfect for packing—which is oxygen-sealed with a paper tab for freshness and tidiness. Once you remove the tab, you carefully press the sides to pop open the filter, place the Dripkit on top of your cup, boil some water, and you’ve got yourself some seriously great pour-over coffee.

Yes, its genius design is reason alone to try this portable coffee maker; however, the quality of coffee in each Dripkit is another reason entirely. Dripkit sources its beans from small farms in Guatemala that the creators, Ilana Kruger and Kara Cohen, have personally visited. The beans are then roasted by Brooklyn roaster City of Saints and then ground just before filling each individual, airtight packet. 

Although you can’t purchase Dripkit yet, you can donate to their Kickstarter to help get the company off the ground. While it’s ideal for coffee junkies on the road, it’s also great to stash at your office desk. If you’re into quirky gadgets, sustainability, and awesome coffee, consider donating $25 to make this super cool invention a reality (plus, it’ll get you 10 Dripkits). We promise it’ll be better than that watered-down hotel coffee—or, worse, the dishwater-esque brew that comes out of a Keurig. 

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*AFAR tried a prototype of Dripkit in the office. It really is that good.