Of course you've done it before (everyone has): You let your mind wander from the gray, dull light of your office desk to an ideal Mexico beach vacation—hammock swaying softly in the warm breeze on a white-sand, turquoise-water, palm-fringed stretch of paradise. And who can blame you? Mexico has some of the finest beaches in the world, and you could spend the rest of your life exploring the hidden coves and wild resorts of the country’s thousands of miles of coastline. But Mexico is so much more. You’ve got ancient Maya ruins and cool, clear cenotes (sinkhole ponds); snowcapped volcanoes and misty mountain pueblos; railroad trips through desert canyons and people-watching in the plazas of magical colonial towns. With very little pre-planning, you can enjoy all these adventures and more—and still have time for doing nothing on the beach.