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Brussels is often overlooked on the "Grand Tour" of Europe. It’s true, the city may have more Eurocrats than you can shake a Security Policy at, but scratch the surface and you’ll find a vibrant international city with plenty to offer the experiential traveler. Art lovers can spend weeks browsing the galleries, and architecture buffs stroll Art Nouveau–lined streets. Comic book fans spend hours flipping through the city’s "strip" shops, and fashionistas lose themselves (and their wallets) inside cutting-edge boutiques. Add to this the city's incredible food scene, and you have Europe’s best-kept secret.

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Alison Cornford-MathesonBrussels Local Expert

Alison is a Brussels-based Canadian journalist and photographer specializing in travel and food. She lives to explore Europe’s hidden corners and travel the back roads of the world. She can be spotted toting a Nikon, tasting local cuisine, and wandering hidden alleyways, trailing a parade of cats. Read more of her work at CheeseWeb.