If you’re headed to the beach, go during the Mexican dry season from November through April. The peak tourist season is December and January, when prices are at their steepest and hotels and transportation are heavily booked. Certain resorts will be full of raucous American college students during Spring Break, which may take place anywhere from late February to mid-March. Hurricanes do occasionally hit the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in late summer and early fall, and September is the heart of the season. The inland temperature is generally cooler than on the coast, and the northern half of the country can get downright chilly in the evenings from November to February. If you’re not fond of crowds, a perfect time to visit Mexico City is Semana Santa—the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday—when many of the city’s inhabitants make a beeline to the coasts. In every part of the country, May to September is the hottest, most humid time, during which torrential rains are commonplace. Even so, July and August are popular summer holiday months for both Mexicans and foreigners—so plan accordingly.