There is one recurring note to Mexican cuisine: it’s absolutely delicious, whether you’re noshing on tacos de carnitas from a street vendor or enjoying alta comida mexicana in a posh Mexico City restaurant. Don’t take our word for it; the national cuisine has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Typical dishes vary widely from region to region, and midsize towns and big cities always have plenty of options for vegetarian and “international food." Tequila, mezcal, and pulque may be the country’s famous agave-based drinks, but for a nonalcoholic treat, try a fresh juice, a licuado (a type of smoothie), or an agua fresca (a cold drink made from fruit and water). One fun twist on a cerveza is the refreshing michelada: a frozen-cold mug filled with beer, ice, and lime juice, then rimmed with salt and chili powder. Essential culinary experiences include tacos al pastorhuitlacoche, ceviche, local markets, and mole.