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The Best Ham

Eat the Best Ham in Spain!
No visit to Granada would be complete without visiting Trevelez. After the majesty and wonder of the Alhambra, allow yourself to be awed once again: this time by the charming culinary delights Spain has to offer.

Trevelez is one of the highest villages in all of Spain, and this makes it the perfect place for air-curing legs of ham. For this reason, the ham takes center stage in Trevelez.

You will find ham legs hanging from ceiling and in the open air outside, as well as appearing in a host of their dishes, most famously their habas con jamon broad beans and ham.

If you will be visiting in June, try to make it for the Day of San Antonio (June 13 or 14) and you will be treated to their annual re-enactment of the battle of Moors versus Christians, which then ends in the town celebrating together! A one of a kind and non-touristic option for anyone interested in the history of Spain.

Photo by Andrew Hurley/Flickr.

Too much Jamon? Never
High in the Alpujarras on the the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada there's an ancient tradition for curing excellent ham. Trevelez, Spain's highest village uses the clean, crisp, dry air to cure its Jamons and as you can see there are plenty of them. This was just one bar we happened to stop at for breakfast.