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Breathtaking Skógafoss Waterfall
On our way from Selfoss to Vik, we passed this gorgeous waterfall called Skógafoss cascading over towering cliffs that used to make up Iceland's coastline. Long ago the coastline receded towards the sea about 3.1 miles but the former sea cliffs remained, combining with the mountains around them to form a natural dividing line between the coastal lowlands below and the rural highlands above.

Skógafoss Waterfall is one of Iceland's largest, over 80 feet wide and 200 feet tall. If you look closely, you can see from this photo how large the falls are by how tiny the people in the foreground look. Because of its size, the waterfall produces a lot of spray, and on sunny days you're often treated to at least a single rainbow, often a double one. But that same spray can be a shocking surprise when it hits your face on a frigid winter day.

If you feel like an added adventure, you can hike a trail up the eastern side of the waterfall all the way to the top for a different perspective of the falls, although that's not recommended during the winter months when the trail is icy and slick.

Although I've never seen Skógafoss Waterfall in the summer and imagine it's stunning when surrounded by lush green grass, it's absolutely amazing during the winter when snow and ice adds to its drama. I definitely recommend a trip to Skógafoss Waterfall, a convenient stop just off the road if you're heading to Vik from Selfoss.
My husband and I traveled around the periphery of Iceland (on Ring Road) over a 9-day trip this summer. This was shot on the second day of our road-trip as we went anticlockwise (starting from Reykjavik) around the island. We were still not completely done with being awed by Seljalandsfoss (yet another magnificent waterfall in Southern Iceland) when this sight from the Ring Road greeted us. There's a bench very close the falls where you can just sit and ponder. There is a hostel and a couple of hotels very close to the falls (like within a walking distance) and also the Skogar folk museum with the cute turf homes. This area is very close to the Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano that erupted in 2010).You could hike on the eastern side of the falls and we also saw tourists setting up their tents on the grounds very close to the falls ...if we had stayed, we'd have loved to camp there too.
Skogafoss South  Iceland

An Intimate Waterfall Experience
One of Iceland’s many famous waterfalls, Skógafoss is part of the Skógá River, plummeting over the cliffs that used to form the coastline.

Because of its location, you can pretty much walk right up to it giving an impression that you’re standing directly in front of a wall of water. This is unique since most waterfalls have so much water right in front of them, that you can't typically get that close...at least, not without a boat.

I loved this waterfall.

To the right of it is a path that winds its way to the top and then you can follow the hike along for miles and past many more waterfalls.

This was one of my favorite places...maybe on the planet.
An Intimate Waterfall Experience South  Iceland

The beautiful Skogafoss waterfall
With each day in "the land of fire and ice" that is Iceland it was like stepping into a fairytale or better yet like getting a glimpse of heaven. Only showing one picture does the picturesqueness of that country an injustice. Although I was there for a mere seven days it was long enough to see magnificent waterfalls and the coolness of geysers. I witnessed the phenomenon of the "Northern Lights"...something that even when captured on film will never compare to how spectacular it is when seen live and in person. And I stood and marveled as a piece of an iceberg broke off and ever too quickly went into the 600 foot Glacier Lagoon leaving all that saw it completely speechless. I have no doubt that even for those well traveled a trip to Iceland will leave you feeling as if you ventured to another planet. The surreal vibe mixed with "surely this is a dream" feeling has left me with memories I'll forever have sketched in both my mind and heart. Iceland is a photogenic country. Iceland is a place where the people are kind and courtesy. Iceland is where you'll be lucky to see more than one police officer because there is so little crime. Iceland has great food, great music, great drinks. And although it may be a bit on the more expensive side Iceland is a place I suggest to to anyone that wants to experience a country where you will get everything you expected and much much more! But don't take my word for it. Go see it for yourself! :)
The beautiful Skogafoss waterfall South  Iceland

waterfall porn
There are a lot of -fosses aka waterfalls in Iceland but Skogafoss was the first one we saw and still my favorite. Its loud and lush and gorgeous and awe-inspiring. There are no barriers, you can get as close as you dare to the powerful falling water and just let yourself be bathed in teh spray. We hiked up to the top (there are steps and a handrail carved into the mountain on the right side in this photo) to see her from above (there is a small viewing platform) but i found it more beautiful from below!
waterfall porn South  Icelandwaterfall porn South  Icelandwaterfall porn South  Iceland