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Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Skyline from Rainbow Bridge
The Tokyo skyline from Rainbow Bridge is a must see while visiting Tokyo. The trip across the bridge can take a few hours by foot or just have your camera ready to take some beautiful shots while driving across this beautiful bridge.
Walk the Rainbow Bridge
Walk along Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge from Minato-ku to Odaiba. The bridge crosses Tokyo Bay and has fantastic views of Tokyo Tower (Japan's version of the Eiffel Tower) and Odaiba's erector set style Fuji TV Building. The 30 minute walk is beautiful at sunset when you can see the bridge, white by day and a multicolored illumination at night.

Odaiba is known for it's futuristic architecture, the Oedo Onsen Monogatari hot springs, and giant shopping complexes.

From Shibaurafuto Station, walk 10 minutes south and you'll find an elevator to the pedestrian walkway along the Rainbow bridge.
Walk the Rainbow Bridge Tokyo  Japan

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