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Fontein Cave

Cave Graffiti

There are a number of spectacular caves to visit in Aruba, including Guadirikiri, Huliba and Fontein, all located in the Arikok National Park.

Fontein is known for its multitude of geometric and zoomorphic (animal) cave drawings, created by Arawak Indians 2000-3500 years years ago. If you look closer, you'll also find more modern day graffiti, including one from a Dutch Governor, A.J.K Meyer, scratched into the rock in 1830.

The cave has colorful stalactites, rock formations hanging down from the ceiling, and stalagmites, building up from the ground. Nocturnal long nosed and long tongues fruit bats call the cave their home, so don't be alarmed when they silently flit by. They're harmless, and don't forget, you're a guest in their 'house' ; )

Make sure to speak with the park rangers stationed at the entrance, they are knowledgeable and eager to share Fontein's ancient, and fascinating history.

>>>Warm thanks to the Aruba Tourism Authority for a wonderful welcome to 'One Happy Island' and to my lovely new friends at the
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