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Erfoud, Morocco

Our tent and caravan in the Sahara.
We spent the night in this Bedoin tent in the Sahara near Erfoud, Morocco. The sand is this color, orange. The desert was actually wet in April, the night was cold and clear. The stars were amazing. Recommended.

Many tour companies can arrange an overnight in the desert, either in a hotel at the edge of the dunes or in a private tented encampment.

600 Foot dune. Dawn.
We rode camels as far as we could into the big empty, then scrabbled up this 600 foot tall dune to watch the sun rise about 5:30am. It was unfortunately hazy from humidity, but the colors were spectacular. No sound. No scent. So eternal.

Our guide and Mahout, Ali.
The Bedoin Blue of his robes matched the sky at dawn on the dunes in the Sahara.

Caravan in the Sahara.
Near our tent in the Sahara, near Erfoud, Morocco. 600 foot tall dunes, this intense orange color. A beautiful night under the stars with NO light pollution!

Our waiting camels in the desert sea.
We could only ride so far into the desert, then we had to hike the 600 foot dunes to see the hazy sunrise. So very beautiful and peaceful.

Our camel driver, Ali.
Our guide and camel wrangler, Ali on our way back to breakfast after our dawn ride to the dune tops in the Sahara.

There are many companies that book tents in the desert, some large, some small and intimate. Erfoud is a common jumping off point for these escapes to the desert.

A night in the desert is a magical experience.....
A zillion stars, a good tagine and Moroccan wines, usually some local musicians and a quiet peaceful, cold night.

A group of women on the street.
Some women in Erfoud in traditional burka. It was so hot, I don't know how they stand it. You don't see much of this in the big cities, like Marrakesh.

Erfoud, Morocco