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Big Bend Saddlery

2701 US-90, Alpine, TX 79830, USA
| +1 432-837-5551

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Mon - Fri 8am - 5:30pm
Sat 8am - 5pm

Finding Your Perfect Hat in West Texas

Big Bend Saddlery is the real deal–Cowboys shop here for saddles, ropes, buckles, cast-iron cookware, chaps, knives, jackets, and of course, HATS. Wide or narrow rim size, rim bend up, down or flat, top of the hat flat, top of the hat round, stampede strings made of horsehair, blonde, brown, black, or leather...you name it.

Locals helped me choose mine, a wide-rimmed, tight fitting palm leaf hat, that I promptly handed over to the masters, to be perfectly shaped and accessorized.

The entire process is cool to watch, from initial water bath to its final appearance. It all happens right inside the workshop, where saddles and other leather gear are still made by hand.

My Big Bend Saddlery hat marked the beginning of a hat collection, it seems. I just bought another beauty from the fabulous Sam Roberts LA at El Cosmico's Trans Pecos Festival this year!

>>>Warmest thanks to the awesome team at El Cosmico for another unforgettable Trans Pecos Festival of Music and Love–an annual gathering of friends, music, art, camping, sandlot baseball and a night sky full of stars in Marfa, Texas. Love you guys.