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For Gear Lovers: The 2015 AFAR Gift Guide

By Andrew Richdale and Jennifer Lee

Oct 20, 2015

From the November/December 2015 issue

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The Voorhes

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Rather than reading up on the latest gadgets, just mind our tech-savvy shopping guide. We’ve got watches with all the bells and whistles, travel speakers that have crisp sound and a throwback design, and a set of wheels to get you on the road.

The design isn’t a joke. Marshall’s amplifier-inspired speaker actually delivers powerful, rich sound—with an impressive 20-hour charge, portable size, and bass and treble knobs for just the right mix. marshallheadphones.com, $300

Grado Labs makes headphones that music obsessives and aesthetes agree on. Why the high price tag? Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal on earth, keeps corrosion and grainy sound at bay. gradolabs.com, $495

Sold at Deus Ex Machina’s Milan shop, the D-Side is a custom-built beauty: a hand-painted three-wheeled motorcycle with a vintage side car and a throaty Yamaha engine. deuscustoms.com, price available upon request.

The Chronotimer Series 1 is much more than its stylish navy band, titanium case, and handsome dial. Flip it over to view its 100% Swiss-made movement in action through a transparent caseback. porsche-design.us, $4,550

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