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6 Ways Lufthansa Group is Reinventing Air Travel Today

At the forefront of adaptations to the fast-changing air travel space during COVID-19, Lufthansa Group airlines offers digital tools to help navigate border restrictions, virtual document verification and contactless check in, and well-connected global networks—plus, a renewed focus on sustainability.

6 Ways Lufthansa Group is Reinventing Air Travel Today

Lufthansa Group employees are there for customers, along with new digital tools.

Known as a travel leader, Lufthansa Group most recently introduced a comprehensive series of digital initiatives that make it easier for travelers to fly in the time of Coronavirus. The forward-thinking online tools (which follow the 2014 launch of their Innovation Hub to “simplify every single trip in the world”) help navigate ever-changing global regulations and streamline the process of uploading newly necessary travel documents that allow for pre-approval and contactless check in.

The airline group is also constantly monitoring fluctuating travel trends and adopting new routes to best accommodate passengers—all while continuing to pursue eco-friendly travel initiatives through Sustainable Aviation Fuel and commitments to CO2-neutral air travel in the future. Key as the travel industry evolves and with so much ongoing uncertainty, these innovations mean travel advisors can make reliable flight plans for their clients, with a lot less hassle and worry.

1. Interactive map of travel restrictions and requirements

Of the many digital developments implemented by Lufthansa Group in the past year that have been instrumental in allowing travelers to regain control of their travel experience, their interactive world map may be the most useful. It allows you to keep up-to-date with entry regulations based on a traveler’s passport, vaccination status, and flight origin and destinations. The tool provides immediate clarity on COVID-19 testing and vaccination restrictions, quarantine rules, visa requirements, any additional documentation required, and general destination-based masking and health screening rules.

Similarly, you can find worldwide entry regulations using departure and arrival airports. When you select airports, the site gives you the most recent information about flight requirements including testing and test centers. You also get immediate access to countries’ current travel regulations based on information from the International Air Transport Association.

The interactive map makes it easy to see where travelers can go.

The interactive map makes it easy to see where travelers can go.

2. Downloadable COVID-era travel checklist For additional assurance when traveling during uncertain times, Lufthansa Group’s pre-travel checklist can be downloaded and printed as a PDF. Items like digital document checks and information about Coronavirus testing help travelers maintain peace of mind while navigating the additional steps involved in travel during the pandemic.

3. Pre-check documents digitally

Before you fly, you can also get more confidence by having all your documents checked virtually. Lufthansa Group’s Health Entry Support Centers will digitally verify all needed travel documents prior to travel. Provided all documents are in order, travelers will receive pre-approval and be issued a digital boarding pass when check-in becomes available.

If action is required on any of the documents, you’ll receive a notification with additional details about what’s needed. Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, and Austrian Airlines all have support centers set up for digital documentation checks so travelers can arrive at the airport knowing they have everything they need to fly.

A focus on digital means travelers always have what they need at their fingertips.

A focus on digital means travelers always have what they need at their fingertips.

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4. Contactless check-in When traveling within the Schengen Zone (the 26 European countries that have no passport or other border control), Lufthansa Group airline passengers can scan the QR codes of their COVID vaccination certificate and their COVID-19 test results when checking in online to receive their boarding pass directly to their smartphone. The QR codes allow documents to be instantly verified so passengers won’t need to check-in at the airport counter. Regardless, travelers must still have physical copies of all documents on them when traveling.

5. Routes designed for shifting travel demands

Constantly watching country-based travel regulations and shifting travel trends in the time of COVID, Lufthansa Group updates and optimizes routes to get passengers where they want to go. With upwards of 260 destinations in 102 countries, Lufthansa Group airlines reach most places around the globe. Their expansive, stable network of international routes includes the most convenient connection options for travelers going long distances. Keeping a keen eye on the market situation and the changing travel needs of its clients, Lufthansa can quickly adjust schedules and substitute aircraft accordingly to accommodate demand.

One such change signals good news for business travel. After seeing more demand for traditional business destinations as travel restrictions ease, they increased routes across Europe and around the world with a focus on off-peak flight options to many international cities important to business travelers, including New York, Toronto, Mexico City, and Sāo Paulo, in addition to hundreds more.

A reliable network of routes means travelers can get to hundreds of destinations more easily.

A reliable network of routes means travelers can get to hundreds of destinations more easily.

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6. Sustainable initiatives As Europe’s leading buyer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, a critical component in achieving CO2-neutral air travel, Lufthansa Group is already operating most of its business flights at a carbon-neutral level. In November 2021, Lufthansa Group purchased a quarter of a billion dollars of sustainable kerosene, the largest investment into sustainability by the Lufthansa Group to date. And they’re working on advancing the availability of Sustainable Aviation Fuel with a focus on using renewable energy to produce it.

As part of Lufthansa Group’s ambitious sustainability goals, they’re aiming to reach a net-zero carbon balance by 2050. By implementing newer fleets and improving operational efficiency, in addition to the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, emissions by Lufthansa Group will continue to steadily decline in alignment with the United Nations Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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