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Memories from our well-loved iconic Ice Cream House

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The Magnolia brand of ice cream is the most popular in the Philippines, especially back in the 80's. As kids back then, our favorite place was the original Magnolia Ice Cream House, which actually sits in the main ice cream plant grounds.

As kids, we'd often go and order our favorite & most famous Banana Split, Peach Melba, Ernie and Bert, and all sorts of parfaits & sundaes. If you order just 1 scoop of ice cream, you're not cool! :-) We'd also get a glass of ice cold water, and I mean you can feel the ICE cold even when you're tongue is already numbed from the ice cream. The secret? - Loads of tiny pebble-sized ice!

What made this place extra special though is that we can actually go to the plant at the back to order our ice cream to take home. Through a small window, we'd order our box of 48 chocolate, orange or jackfruit twin popsies, or a big gallon of vanilla, mango or ube (purple yam) ice cream, or even a whole ice cream cake.. As we wait for our orders to come out through a conveyor belt similar to those in airports, we'd try to peek through the small opening that leads into the giant freezer inside and see some men wearing space-suit like jackets :-) It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Today, the old plant is now a mall and out in the middle sits the Magnolia Ice Cream House, a newer one, but the memories & tastes of our own ice cream is still very much alive :-) Try our local flavors, which are also available in supermarkets.

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by Tina Lim
AFAR Local Expert
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